Posted on Feb 12, 2020

Law Office of Gerald R. Prettyman

A Fun Idea – Off-Road Rolling Film Vision System
For people who ride off-road on motorcycles and other open air vehicles, flying dirt and oil are part of the experience. While goggles protect the eyes, dirt and oil on the goggles block riders’ vision. Attempts to wipe away dirt and oil can create lens smears and worsen vision, and cause crashes, injury, and rider death. To improve rider fun and safety, K-Mol Engineering invented a rolling film system, and contacted Gerald R. Prettyman for a patent, and got a monopoly! Within the K-Mol portfolio are so far, 3 U.S. patents, 7 foreign patents, and 3 pending U.S. patents. These patents protect the 3-piece hardware (US9708154), as well as the individual components of a Controller Module (USD836564), a Film Reel (USD836423), a Film Rollout Module (pending), and a Film Takeup Module (pending). For more information on the Off-Road Rolling Film Vision System, call 925-600-7342, and if you’ve Got a Bright Idea, visit
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