Posted on Feb 26, 2020

Law Office of Gerald R. Prettyman

Interested in a foreign patent? The below information may help.
Canada and Mexico are both close to the U.S., similar to the U.S., and the filing costs are often under $5000 per country.
Growing economies and middle classes favor China and Japan. China costs are near costs in Canada. Costs for Japan are somewhat higher. You should have an established presence or reliable representation to profitably monetize the patents before filing in other Asian regions.
Europe: Single country filings are expensive, but you can save money with a European Patent Office filing with reduced fees compared to three+ fee sets and not paying to track and process multiple patent applications. You then pay a few hundred dollars per country for validation of the EPO patent.
Australia - the wonder down under is similar to the U.S., has lower costs, and it’s a close and major trading partner with Asia. If making products in China, consider an Australian patent.
Elsewhere: Some of the Middle East and Gulf Coast Countries can be profitable.
In General: You should have a prior relationship in the country or local representation.
Annual fees: You will have pay 'annuities' from about $150 or more for the 2nd year to a few hundred dollars about the 5th year, and higher costs later. These are per year - per country. Annual costs can exceed $1000 by the 4th year but work your patents and the cost is minimal.
And: Check with your tax advisor about foreign filings to combine business travel and vacation.
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