Posted on May 9, 2020

Law Office of Gerald R. Prettyman

US Patent 8757232 Monitoring and Changing Air Pressure in a Rotating Wheel
Riding a bicycle off-road can be bumpy and bouncy, but padded seats and spring and shock absorber devices designed for off-road use provide a bumpy and bouncy ride on smooth roads. Short of difficult to use and expensive adjustable suspension systems, what's a rider to do?
Fortunately, Devise Solutions realized a third solution exists, and developed the Adaptrac device system which uses allows 'in-motion' changes to tire pressure, and hired Patent Attorney Gerald R. Prettyman to secure a patent. The bright idea behind the Adaptrac device is sets of specially designed concentric axles that support the bicycle on its tires and controllably allow airflow into, and out of the tires. Reduced pressure for rough trails lets the tires absorb some of the bumps and bounce while adding pressure for smoother trails reduces friction on tires for higher speeds. If you've Got A Bright Idea, Call 925-600-7342 or visit
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