Posted on Jan 28, 2020

Law Office of Gerald R. Prettyman

One of the commonalties of the human experience is being somewhere and wanting to fall asleep, but the situation presents an inconvenient position. While travel pillows exist, most all attempt to prop up a person’s head with a device around the person’s neck. These devices also rely on a person resting against a tall chair back. For people in chairs with short backs, as in waiting areas or libraries, these devices are difficult to use. In these circumstances, a person simply attempts to prop up the head with the hands or fist, which works until a hand falls aside just as you get to asleep. For these situations, the Layover Travel Pillow presents a workable option.
With the Layover Travel Pillow invention, a person sits with the hands within the Layover Travel Pillow, elbows on a table or other resting area, and on placing the face within the Layover Travel Pillow – falls asleep. The Layover Travel Pillow keeps the hands, elbows and face in place, and thus sleep is achieved.
Fortunately, the owner of the Layover Travel Pillow invention contacted Gerald R. Prettyman, who wrote and secured U.S. Patent 8205283 on the Layover Travel Pillow invention. If you’ve Got A Bright Idea for a Patent, Trademark or Copyright, please visit or call 925-600-7342.
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