Pants Up Easy: U.S. Patents 8990978, 9084501, and D782154 - Aid for People with Limited Mobility
As known by older people and people who suffer from a debilitating injury or illness, trying to change your pants when your hips won’t move well is quite difficult. If you want the same experience, la...

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Another successful Trademark Registration at the Law Office of Gerald R. Prettyman. "HEALTH OPTIMIZATION MEDICINE" Registration Number 6297231, for "Educational services, namely, conducting seminars, webinars in the field of health; Educational services, namely, providing training of health profe...

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Corkscrews have been around about as long as corks and bottles, as have sore wrists of people having to insert corkscrews into bottles. While electronic devices are available, they are large and heavy and so not conducive to table-side restaurant service, and particularly so as they are seemingly...

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Got A Bright Idea? Want to protect and develop the idea? Here is some preliminary information.
Part I. Cautionary Statements
1. Ideas are not protectable. You may be able to protect the registered use of a tangible idea, but not ideas. Never send an unsolicited idea to a company. Patents protect...

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If the parts of any invention can be made separately, they can be sold separately. Manufacturers can make one part only and not infringe a patent. Prevent patent infringement by patenting each part. USD900404 is one of three parts of US9708154 Off-Road Rolling Film Vision System.

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Protecting Creative Function: Film Spool US Design Patent D836423
Copyright protects creative design, but not when the design has function. Design Patents protect design elements and at a lower cost than a utility patent,, and thus work well to augment utility patents. This is Film Spool U.S. Des...

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Humans have been wearing footwear for many millennia (a recent find was over 5500 years old), but even in the 21st century, patents are important for shoe designers. Not long ago, Elephant Shoes created new designs and wanted patent protection. To be worn, shoes must abide by human foot contours ...

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The Law Office of Gerald R Prettyman is available every day Sunday-Saturday by telephone, by email, online, and in-person! Call or email for a consultation or in-person meeting.

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Toothpaste has been in use for perhaps 7000 years. For most of history, people used available components for abrasiveness, with soap for cleaning, and often in powder sold in jars or tins. Herbs and other flavorings were sometimes added to overcome the taste and smell, and to treat bad breath.

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4 days ago
Best Patent Attorney in the Bay Area
- Douglas P

Gerald R. Prettyman, GRPLAW®

Gerald R. Prettyman is a Registered Patent Attorney and Attorney at Law. Some of the ideas turned into patents by Mr. Prettyman include eight patents for solar power conversion, six patents for a Device To Assist Paraplegics With Getting Dressed, five patents for an off-road goggle cleaning system, four patents for bottles, two shoe patents, two patents for devices to assist people needing assistance, plus patents for an electronic device charging station, a wine barrel sculpture, a travel pillow, a sewer cleaning apparatus and more. Mr. Prettyman performs patent and trademark searches, freedom to operate reports, prepares confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, assists client in starting companies, corporations and limited liability companies, and more. 


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